The Doctor will see you now

For over a year now patients have told me weekly you should have some type of talk show or speaking tour to share all the knowledge you have.  I also hear all the time “well my Dr never explained to me what was going on or why I should/shouldn’t be doing that.”   I’m not jumping into the talk show arena at this time, but I do believe that the greatest privilege I get every day is to spend large amounts of time with my patients who often become friends.  I love to educate them on what is going on and how we can fix it together.  I have found that in more than 90% of cases the patient knows exactly what is wrong with them they just don’t know the fancy medical jargon or the solution to their problem.  If we as medical professionals take the time to listen carefully, compassionately, and treat the PERSON not just the problem the final outcome is substantially better for everyone involved.

With all of that said this page is intended for me to get the word out about physical therapy while helping as many people as possible with questions they may have.  It could have to do with your sore neck after a 100 mile bike ride or what you should expect the first few weeks after a hip replacement.  Anything is fair game if I have no idea what you’re asking I have no problem telling you that. I’ll try researching an answer, pointing you in the right direction, and we’ll talk about it in the forum as someone else may know better than I do.  I’m open to any questions medical or otherwise you may have.   A quick disclaimer that I have to find a way to put at the bottom of my page.  No advice is a diagnosis, prognosis, prescription, official medical plan of care, or advertisement.  Just ideas passed freely from someone who has had over 70000 patient/therapist interactions in the last 15 years.

Yours in Health,

Dr Clif

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